Releasing your Glow-vember vibe

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Glow-vember is a thing…..

Yes. I think I invented a new term…Glow-vember.  And I kinda like it.  Like, really, Powerfully, like it.

I was inspired by my partner, as we were talking about what he was going to do, to support Movember.  Every year  he grows his ‘mo’, and focuses on his own physical and mental health. So, I thought, why not do an equivalent around that for us ladies?  I didn’t have to play too hard to come up with Glow-vember, as it really sums up very well what  it’s about. (and I love a good rhyme, so even better)

Glow-vember is aimed at being your cheerleader, and giving you the safe space to put some easy steps into practice, that perhaps you’ve been putting off, or deliberating on for some time, that put the focus on YOU.   It feels like it’s somehow written in our DNA as women, that we allow our focus to be steered everywhere else but on us, and that we need to stand in the wings, diligently, and wait til its our turn.  And just when we think it’s coming to us, something happens, and we get overlooked again. It’s not a deceitful, devious or malicious plan, but we also allow this to happen, that we’ve been told to believe that that’s how it’s done….so just go along with it.

We can stomp our feet, have a meltdown, and cry bloody murder, saying it’s not fair, what about us……..but that’s not ladylike, or resourceful.  You simply need to make a conscious, and empowered decision, that says it’s your turn now, and that you deserve some focussed time and attention on you.  We do often look outside of ourselves for someone, or something to give us permission to be ourselves, permission to speak out when we feel overlooked, permission to say no, if it’s to our detriment….permission to shine for all the world to see, and for you to bask in your own magnificence.

I’m here to give you a soft, elbow in the back, to nudge you into your shiny, sparkly spotlight.  And once you’re there, you’ll want to stay there longer each time….and eventually wonder why you haven’t been there before.  Oh, you’ve had glimpses of it before, but it quickly disappears, as life descends upon you once again.

Enter Glow-vember……

Every day for the 30 days of November, I’ll be sharing a live video on Facebook,  outlining a simple action to do everyday that will uplift you, and keep you in motion, so that you feel significant, and deserving.  You can find me here if you’d like to tune in and play.  The big takeaway from this week?


Simple, but so underestimated.  Breathing is something we don’t pay attention to, because it’s an unconscious physical action that we don’t have to control, or instigate.  We just know it happens.  But as life gets busier, faster, more stressful, fearful, our breath shortens and we end up gasping for air, instead of breathing it in deeply.  A wonderful quote says “Fear is excitement, without breath”, which means that our bodies respond similarly when we are excited or fearful, but we hold our breath when we are scared.  To breathe deeply, is to gulp in life, bringing in life force, and it gets thingsSo, moving in our bodies, and our minds.

So to help you Glow from the inside out, take time out (there is always time), to sit and take big, deep breaths in, filling your belly (not your chest – fill the belly first, then the chest rises last), and exhaling deeply.  Do this for 4-5 times, several times during the day if you wish, and feel the peace course through your body.  It’s a wonderful foundation to create layers of happiness, joy, and sparkle in your life.

Are you ready?

See you next week for more Glow-vember actions.

Andrea xx



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