Find Your J-Spot! The power of Live events....

There’s nothing quite like attending an event, in person, and getting everything in real life time!

The energy is different.

It’s wonderful –

  • being with real people
  • hearing real stories,
  • getting hands on, and doing activities that get you thinking and shaking things up!

And, of course, you get ME in person!

As Your Joy Coach, I run intimate, signature programs throughout the year, designed to help you explore how your life would look, if you knew how to amplify your “happiness radar”, and how you can design the life you want by being more joyful.

Keep your eye out here for Event times, details, and locations.

If you want to know more, just pop your details in the box below, and I’ll be in touch!

Not only do I get to know you better, but there’s nothing like hearing about how exciting a live event will be, than from the person herself who is running it 🙂

Let’s get Joy-ful!

Andrea xx

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Get the Joy Pledge!

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