Are you ready to go to Joy School?

Ever wondered why some people appear to have it all together?……

They’re sooooo happy all the time, and you wish you even had a speck of that?
You have a fairly good life, things are okay, but you just don’t know why you don’t FEEL happy.

Let me ask you something…

  • Do you feel like you don’t have the time, or energy to be happy?
  • Does being upbeat or happy all the time, sometimes feel like frickin hard work??
  • Do you wonder what the hell is wrong with you??

These are all awesome questions – and you should be proud of yourself for even asking them!

It may be time for you to go back to school!

So, what is Joy School?

This is by far, my ‘funnest’ (yes, that’s a word)  program that I run.  It’s an 8 week, online live school, designed to see you Graduate as the Most Joyful Person you know!

Every week is a live online event (so you can join in from ANYWHERE), with live Q & A, and your chance to get me,  guiding you through each activity.  And of course you get Home-Play to work on in between each event, cos magic happens when you do stuff, right?

What will we cover?

  • a gradual interactive program, guiding you through the foundations of how to have more joy and happiness in your life, and how to magnetise what you want
  • how to set personal and powerful intentions of what you want MORE of in your life
  • how to organise your time, so you are guaranteed to get the love you need, and don’t feel like you’re always missing out
  • setting you up with powerful language that continually feeds your joy, and as a result, you become your biggest fan
  • how to love your body and health – so that your body sings!
  • pinpointing your signature style, and how to dress for happiness
  • how to protect your light from naysayers
  • how to remove all limitations and boundaries around what you want in your life – so that magic happens!

This is THE place to hang out if you want to reawaken your natural state of JOY (it’s already inside you, just hidden under a pile of life), and transform your life so that you are happier, lighter, and get to really en-JOY the life you have.  And of course, start creating the life you WANT.

Applications are now open to join Joy School.

All you have to do, is leave your details below, and I’ll be in touch!

Can’t wait to see you Graduate as the Most Joyful person you know!

Andrea xx

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