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Running live workshops (or as I like to call them play-shops!) are my all time favourite way of connecting with women who want more for themselves, and their lives.

  • It’s one thing to purchase an online course, dabble a little at the beginning, and then let it fall on the wayside.
  • I’ve done it before (um, more than a couple of times to be honest) – because there’s no one there to hold your hand, and keep you accountable for your wins and your challenges.
  • Attending an event in person is by far the best way to embody the changes you want.
  • You not only hear the information, do activities to make them feel more familiar and so you understand why they work, take away priceless information that will transform your life, and spend time with amazing beautiful women who are all wanting the same thing.

If you are wondering why your life isn’t looking or feeling the way you imagined………you are just resigned to the fact that your body will never be the way you want it to be, and quite frankly, are fed up with trying to sift through all the mindless information there is out there on food……….you just wish things could be a whole lot easier.………..are sick of being down on yourself all the time, and wishing you had more commitment to your health…………wish you weren’t quite so busy, and could find the time to look after YOU a bit more…….or just wish you felt happier, more often…….

I designed this half day workshop with YOU in mind, and based on all the feedback I’ve gotten over the years as a personal trainer – and simply being a woman!

How to Find your J-Spot. The Formula for a Joyful Mind and Body.


Wouldn’t it be perfect if you loved your body, didn’t blink an eyelid at knowing what to eat to stay healthy and sexy, and felt like your day always flowed seamlessly and effortlessly – and did it all with a smile on your face?

Easier said than done right?

  • Your life feels busier every day.
  • You feel like you’re pulled from pillar to post, with not much time to spare, and know you still need to do more.
  • Taking care of you is fast dropping to the bottom of your list, and you’re left with the guilt and disappointment of knowing you’re not doing the things you need to maintain your health and your waistline, and simply feeling fabulous.
  • You know you’re not eating the best foods, but you have no idea of how to work out what’s the right way to eat, let alone finding the time to even plan or prepare everything.
  • You feel like you’ve lost your sparkle, your playful joyful spark, and zest for life.

In this four hour workshop, you are guaranteed to find your Joy-Spot.

You will walk away with:-

  • The 3 step formula for creating your life so it feels easy and joyful – and you’re in the drivers seat
  • Your own unique Value Blueprint, which will inspire and ensure you follow through on your health goals, and help you understand what and how to eat
  • The secret to organising your schedule, so that you get the ‘Me’ time you crave, and don’t feel guilty
  • The best mindset tools that will ignite your results

If you’re tired of trying to navigate how to eat well and just want a simple foolproof solution to getting you on track, and staying there – this workshop will deliver you all that and more!

It will be jam packed with simple but highly effective strategies and methods, that have seen Andrea achieve amazing, lifechanging joyful results with her clients.

As a gift to you when you attend, you will also receive:-

  • A 20minute “Illumination” call with Andrea scheduled before the workshop, aimed at shining the light on what your biggest frustration is around your health and happiness, so we can focus on that in the workshop
  • A bonus e-book “Your Red Hot Guide to Looking and Feeling Sexy, by Being Happy”


Upcoming J-Spot Event Dates:-

Wednesday 1st March, Nest Co-Working Space Thornbury, Melbourne, 9:30am –  1:30pm
Book your tickets here.   Early Bird/VIP tickets available



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