How to make your Joyful comeback!

If you’re lacking the skip in your step,
the sparkle in your laugh, or the twinkle in
your eye – then it’s time to get your Joy on!

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Do you find your days getting busier, leaving you feeling more resentful that there’s no YOU time anywhere in sight?
Does it make you feel sad that you’ve been stuck in this space for longer than you care to admit, with no idea of how you got here, or how to get out?
Have you put your dreams on the backburner, simply because you think you’re not up to the task of making them happen?

What would it take to have everything you want for your life, to feel excited when you wake up every morning, and to love the woman you are?

We all have times in our lives where we want more. We want to feel differently, feel happier, stress less, connect more, and even look differently.  And that all takes intention, change, fear, resistance.

I made so many big, fat, hairy, scary changes in my life to get to where I am now – where I can put my hand on my heart, and say that I truly am living from a place of joyful happiness.  I’ve had so many people ask me what sort of things I did, how did I make the changes I needed to make, how did I know WHAT those were – so I wrote a book about it.

Permission to Shine – Becoming the Most Joyful Person I Know is my story of how I went from feeling invisible, disconnected and longing for my place in the world,  to feeling completely at peace with who I was, and loving the girl inside. I openly share the tools I used, the strategies I learnt, and all the stuff that didn’t, and the magic I created along the way once I began to truly get to know and love the person inside.  Permission to Shine is a reminder that we all have joy and sunshine inside us, and it’s our gift to ourselves to let the world see who we truly are.

Hard copies due for release March 2017 – you can pre-order your copy here, and have a signed copy  posted into your hot little hands xx

“Right from our very first contact, Andrea was professional and fun
– the results have been astounding” – Margaret H.

Welcome Joy-Seeker! I’m Andrea….

So, what is Joy?  How do you know when your Joy-meter is weak?  How do you get bucketloads of it for yourself?

All realllllly good questions…….But what if I told you that Joy was an inside job?

It’s already in you (you can’t get it from outside stuff).  It’s bubbling away, under the surface. It comes out to play every now and again, but wouldn’t it be nice for it to be there a whole lot more?  Like everyday?  Well, hell yes!

I didn’t really know what Joy was….til I got me some.
I used to watch people, wondering what made them so happy. What did they know that I didn’t?
There was just SOMETHING about them I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  But I sure as hell wanted some of it.

You know the person.
People notice them when they walk in the room. You just want to hang out with them, even just for a bit.
Their energy, their presence is infectious.
They kinda…….sparkle.

And then I got it. Smack in the face. Like a truck.
It was a light they had inside. That worked its way into everything they did, everything they said, how they moved, what they achieved.
It was plain, unfiltered, unapologetic…..Joy.

From the perspective of a person (me, by the way) who didn’t feel joyous, it was a real eye-opener.
It wasn’t that my life was terrible, not at all, but I just felt kinda empty, like I didn’t quite belong anywhere.
I felt like there was so much more to me, and so much more I could do, and achieve, if I just had that  Joyful spark!

Fast forward to this day, my life has completely transformed…..because I went after Joy.
Everything I did, I did from the inside out. Because that’s truly where it begins.

It really does need to be lovingly coaxed, moulded, cajoled and saturated. But when you water it, much like a seedling, it flowers into an amazing, resilient, stunning, evergreen – whose branches reach their way into every corner of your life.

Living from, and with Joy, you get to Create the life, and the world you want.
You Relate to people differently.  You deepen intimate relationships, and strengthen friendships, and work colleagues.
You Innovate from Joy.  You see things differently, you react confidently, and you think with a very open and explorative mindset.

Yes. Joy does all that. And more.

It literally changes your world, and who you are in it.

Are you ready to bring your Joy to light?  Let’s do this!


Who Let The Joy Out?

I had to laugh when this headline came to me…. I had visions of that song “Who Let The Dogs Out”, and even went with the woof woof woof at the end.  I’ve learnt that when inspiration hits you, you go with it!  Elizabeth Gilbert wrote in “Big Magic” that often ideas...

“My consultation with Andrea was transformational!!! Andrea has an amazing personality and zest for life and her ‘keep it simple’ approach engaged and resonated with me.” – Karen M.
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